Downtown ProvidenceI know, I should be more attentive to this blog, but what can I say?  It gets away from me sometimes.

 As I mentioned in my original post- I will be traveling quite a bit. Yesterday was Providence, Rhode Island.  I’ve never spent much time here, but since I was here and had some time I decided to go out and try and find some nice vantage points to shoot the city.  I have to say, I am very impressed with this place.  Lots of nice people I met while shooting, and just some beautiful architecture. I need to spend some more time here.  I’ll be back later in the spring so that will work out nicely.

The Rhode Island State House Late yesterday afternoon I found Prospect Terrace Park- a little piece of grass really overlooking the city of Providence and the State House. I spent a few hours waiting for the light to balance out and look just so, and I have to say even if I’m the only one, I was rewarded for my efforts.   The sky lit up nicely with some reds and purples and the downtown area just glowed.  Not as impressive a skyline as some other areas, but it will do.  Beautiful city.


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