Changes Coming

Rick, his brother Mike, and his sister Katie in Denali National Park

Hey everyone- for the past few years I’ve gone with a website template for ease of updating. As I’m sure you can see, it hasn’t helped me keep things real up to date.  I’m working to change that, between this blog, and another change I’ll be making shortly.

I’m going to be switching to a new service that will allow for more information to be posted on my site, as well as allow me a more flexible channel in which to make my images available for sale.  When I launch the new site, I plan to make a special offer to everyone who purchases a print. Stay tuned for details.

Meanwhile, above you see a self portrait of me with my little brother and my sister in Denali National Park, taken in May, 2008.  I’m heading back up that way to see my brother, and bringing my lovely wife Jill this time. I’ll be posting a ton of photos when I return from the trip, and I’ll be looking forward to the feedback.  But this post is not without its photo tip- and that is, include yourself in some shots! Especially when you’re traveling like this.  For me, the point of this trip will be photos.  But I grossly underestimated how much this photo was going to mean to me at the time I shot it.  So this time, you bet your life I’ll be getting a ton of shots of both me and my wife in front of Mount McKinley.


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