Thoughts on Shooting Video and the Final Episode of “House”

As many of you know, the final episode of “House, MD” was shot this season using the EOS 5D Mark II.  I won’t go into much hyperbole as many have already commented and I don’t have much to add, but the discussion amongst the producers can be found HERE. The discussion is fascinating.

Now, like many others, I was skeptical about video in an SLR. I came from the still photo world, and there’s a part of me that enjoys freezing time in a photo, capturing a specific moment in time, forever.

That said, video capabilities in a DSLR have led me into some opportunities, almost by accident, that have enabled me to expand my horizons and think in a different way than I do for stills. Mostly, I have toyed with video of my kids. My job’s focus right now is the photo end and I don’t have much time lately for personal projects that will require much of my time. The video below is my foray into the world of professional video. I was shooting promo stills for prog-metal pioneers Shadow Gallery, and as I filmed a little bit of the lead singer while I was shooting, I found myself being asked to shoot a music video- their first ever. It was a great experience and one of my proudest professional moments. The band’s bassist/lyricist, Carl-Cadden James, conceived the video, and edited the footage in Final Cut Pro. I offered my eye as a photographer/cinematographer and my technical expertise with the camera and lenses. We’re very proud of our first entry in the video world, and hopefully there will be more ahead.


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