Only Photos of Boston Sell

Zakim Bridge spans the Charles River, in Boston.
An Arch in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Last Fall I began selling my images as fine art prints on and my personal page there at I uploaded over 200 images, taken over the past 10 years. Taken as a whole, it’s a pretty good indicator of my growth as a photographer and an artist, as well as a record of where I’ve gone over the past ten years.

I’ve had modest success with FAA- a handful of sales that has made it worthwhile to me to maintain my presence there, as well as given me a desire to continue to photograph my travels and one day hope to do more with my images- gallery shows, etc.  By the way, anyone with any tips on how to get shown in a gallery? I’m clueless there….

Now the weirdest thing has happened. Of the eight sales I’ve had since joining FAA, EVERY SINGLE ONE has been an image of Boston- including the one above.  Now, I’m not complaining.  I’ve taken some fantastic images of Boston and I’m thrilled that people appreciate my work.

But I also have some great images of places OTHER than Boston in my portfolio- Alaska, Yosemite, the Nevada Desert, and of course, my home state of New York.   It’s not that my images from other places aren’t as good- they are every bit as strong on the whole as my Boston images are.  They’re tagged equally as well, sorted, and displayed well. So I’m curious as to why my Boston stuff is so popular, while other images don’t seem to be getting the love.

I’m sure over time the trend will shift, especially as I travel more and add more images. But this trend was highly unexpected, and has me puzzled.

To view some of my images, and other images of Boston, click here: Boston Art

Be sure to check my other images as well and show them some love!  And if you’re an artist and want to show your work to a larger audience, be sure to check out Fine Art America!

Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska

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