The Beauty of Acadia

Bass Harbor Head
Bass Harbor Head during a spring storm.

Ever since my first visit to Maine in 1999, I have been in love with the rugged coast. Acadia National Park is the embodiment of everything there is to love about New England, and I try to get there to photograph every few years. I always seem to find something new and never cease to be amazed by the show that nature puts on every day.  Whether it’s a gorgeous sunrise, a sunset that explodes with color, or storm that sets the Atlantic churning and pounding the rocky coast, exploding with sound at Thunder Hole.

My favorite spots are the cobblestone beaches.  There’s so much foreground interest, and when you catch it at the right time of day, the light on the rocks just glows. The waves from the water add a ton of interest, and the high cliffs create such drama. It’s an amazing place to photograph.

Below is a selection of images I’ve made over the past several visits to Acadia. This June, I will be leading a photo workshop to Acadia. I’ll be taking you to some of my favorite places, and together maybe we’ll find a few new ones. I’ll also be teaching some of my tried and true landscape photo techniques.  For more information, visit Worldwide Photo Tours Acadia Page.

Little Hunters Beach at Sunrise
Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond at Dusk
Cadillac Mountain at Sunrise
Cadillac Mountain at sunrise.
Monument Cove
Monument Cove at sunrise.
Schoodic Point at Sunset
Schoodic Point at Sunset

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