Sunset With My Daughter

It’s not often that my 14-year old daughter volunteers to join me when photographing sunsets or other landscapes. As a teenager, she wants to do her own thing and often keeps her distance from Dad. That’s not to say we don’t have a good relationship, but you know how teenaged girls can be.

So on a recent Saturday night when we were visiting my uncle at the Jersey shore, I looked across the street to the bay and saw the sky setting up for a nice sunset. I excused myself and said I was going across the street to take some pictures and I’d be back shortly. My daughter stood up and said she was coming with me. It was a pleasant surprise.

Nothing of any import was discussed, no major issues brought to light. Just a father and daughter, standing on the dock, watching the sun set and the clouds go by, joking about whatever. It was one of those special moments, that makes this image all the more special for me.

Sunset on the Dock, Lavallette, NJ



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