2018 in Review, Part 2

Last week, I posted Part 1 of my year in pictures for 2018. This week, I pick up Part 2 in July.  It’s really been an incredible year, personally and professionally for me. I hope all of you have a great finish to 2018, and an amazing start to 2019.

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And now…. part 2 of my Best of 2018!

Sunrise at Spring Point Ledge
Sunrise at Spring Point Ledge. Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is often overlooked when thinking of local lighthouses to photograph. It doesn’t offer the drama of Portland Head Light, or the charm of the Nubble, an hour south. But there’s something about this lighthouse, perched at the end of the breakwater at the entrance to Portland Harbor. I often visit and photograph here and have found some of my favorite sunrises and sunsets here.
Wolfe's Neck Reflections
Wolfe’s Neck Reflection. When I first moved to Maine, and found a home in Freeport, I was often told I needed to visit Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park. I still don’t get there as much as I’d like, but each time I go, I’m surprised at the natural beauty and peace I find here. This morning was no different, as the waters of Casco Bay were so calm, they reflected the sky as the sun rose.
Dawn at Potts Point
Dawn at Potts Point. I love Orrs and Bailey Islands, just south of Brunswick, Maine. There are many great spots to catch a sunrise and a sunset, but I was unprepared for the vibrance of this sunrise when I walked into Potts Point Preserve back in August. It was one of the most colorful sunrises I’d ever seen.
Tall White Asters at West Quoddy Head
Tall White Asters at West Quoddy Head. I almost missed this one. I had been photographing at West Quoddy Head State Park in August, and was just about finished up for the morning and ready to go find breakfast. I was walking back to my car and saw this grouping of flowers decided to take one last shot using the flowers for my foreground. It’s easily one of my favorite shots of the year.
The Seoul Skyline
The Seoul Skyline. In September, I went to visit my brother at Camp Humphrey in South Korea. We spent a couple of days in Seoul and one of the highlights was having some great German beer in a beer garden in Namsan Park. Then, once the sun set and the lights came up, I photographed the Seoul skyline at twilight. Seoul is an amazing city, on the leading edge of technology, sprawling amongst the mountains of Korea.
Moss Glen Falls And Deer Hollow Brook In Black And White
Moss Glen Falls And Deer Hollow Brook In Black And White. It’s not often that I choose black and white for my images, but the images from this visit to Moss Glen Falls in Vermont seemed to make the decision for me.
Autumn Waterfall in Hallowell
Autumn Waterfall in Hallowell. Vaughan Woods has become a regular haunt for me, especially in the fall. This year, we had some heavy rains so the waterfalls were flowing especially strong on this visit.
Early Morning In The Old Port
Early Morning in the Old Port. Portland’s waterfront has long been a draw for me. I’d never photographed one of its centerpieces, the United States Custom House. In October, I decided to rectify that and managed to catch a sunrise there. The 19th century architecture in the area brings such a historic feel to the city.
Autumn Sky at Wells Beach
Autumn Sky at Wells Beach. I first stumbled upon Wells Beach 20 years ago on a visit to Maine. Now that I live here, I knew I would go back. At low tide, the beach is just full of interest, with rocks, reflection pools, and sand that sometimes ripples from the wind. My favorite time there is sunrise at low tide, when the pools reflect the morning color.
High Tide at Dusk
High Tide at Dusk. I love Portland Head light. I also especially love clamoring across the rocky shoreline to find a perch that gives me a foreground of waves crashing violently and the lighthouse stoically standing watch. On this night, I left work and raced to make sunset at the lighthouse. I had 10 minutes to spare, climbed out on the rocks and took a handful of images before the light faded.
Tidal Cascade At Cape Neddick
Tidal Cascade At Cape Neddick. I love high tide at the Nubble. The rushing water over the rocks always creates such interest, so even when the sky isn’t dramatic, the water on the rocks is.


Have a great year!


2018 in Review, Part 1

As 2018 inches closer to the finish line, I always find it interesting and enjoyable to go back over the year through my photos, and remember who I was with, where I was, what I was doing, and what else was going on in my life at that moment.  My images are very much a part of who I am, and while they may evoke different meanings for others, based on their own experiences at the places I photograph, for me, they are reminders of the accomplishments, challenges, and big moments of the past year.

2018 has been no different. Overall, 2018 was an incredibly good year for me. I did more exploring of Maine, found some new spots, revisited some old ones. Crossed Vermont off the list of states I hadn’t visited yet, and taught some workshops at some of my favorite locations.

This year, I found I had more photos than usual make the cut.  I also wanted to give each photo some love and give a brief explanation of the image, so this edition covers from January through June. Stay tuned for part 2, which will be posted next week.

As always, all of my images can be purchased as prints at my website.  Without further comment, here is 2018 in review, in chronological order:

Icy Morning at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
Icy Morning at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. New Year’s Day, 2018. Easily, this was the coldest day I’ve ever been out photographing. The temperature was -14°F with a wind chill of -24°F. Somehow I came away with several good shots of this day, but this one, where the sun broke through briefly and gave the sea smoke a pink and purple tone, is my favorite.
Winter Freeze At Marshall Point
Winter Freeze At Marshall Point. This image was taken one week after New Year’s Day. The temperature was a slightly warmer -4°F. There wasn’t any sea smoke this far into the harbor, but the ice that glazed the rocks made for an especially interesting foreground.
Newfallen Snow At Pemaquid Point
Newfallen Snow At Pemaquid Point. It had been snowing the night before but was expected to clear by morning. I got up early for sunrise and drove an hour to Pemaquid Point, hoping that one, I could make it there without getting stuck, and two, the snow would be as good as I hoped. I was very careful not to walk anyplace I felt might be in the photo, making a big circle around the area I expected to photograph. For two hours, I was the only person there, enjoying the sound of waves crashing on the rocks, the peacefulness of the snow-covered landscape as the sun rose, and natural beauty before me.
Barns At Jenne Farm In Winter
Barns At Jenne Farm In Winter. Jenne Farm is one of those iconic locations everyone needs to photograph. I haven’t had what I would call “ideal” conditions there yet, but I’ve gotten some good shots each time I’ve vistted. This shot was my first time there, as I scouted locations for a workshop I was teaching.
Winter at the Maple Sugar Shack
Winter at the Maple Sugar Shack. Visiting this quintessential Vermont location was an experience I won’t forget. As one of the instructors on a workshop, it was amazing to see the students come up with different images from a single, simple location. I just love the bright red maple sugar shack against the stark white of a freshly fallen snow.
High Tide at Cape Neddick
High Tide at Cape Neddick. This was an early March day, and I was hoping to see some color in the skies for sunrise. It wasn’t to be, but a storm at sea provided some dramatic wave action.
Afternoon Reflection at Portland Head Lighthouse
Afternoon Reflection at Portland Head Lighthouse. There is simply so much to see at Portland Head, that the compositional opportunities are endless. Yes, it’s a heavily photographed lighthouse, but if you’re willing to explore and find a different point of view, it’s very easy to capture interesting images. This pool is a case in point. At low tide, it’s easily accessible, and creates a beautiful reflection of the lighthouse.
Gathering Clouds at Pemaquid Point
Gathering Clouds at Pemaquid Point. The sky put on a show on this evening at Pemaquid Point. While it wasn’t a colorful sunset, the dramatic clouds made it a beautiful evening.
Windows Of The Lobstermen's Shop
Windows Of The Lobstermen’s Shop. I saw this scene in Friendship Harbor, and must admit another photographer showed it to me first (Thanks Janie!). I love the textures of the weathered old building, the repetition of the three windows, and the brightly colored buoys that indicate exactly what the building is.
Spring Morning at Marshall Point
Spring Morning at Marshall Point. I was teaching a workshop along midcoast Maine the morning I made this image. The tide was low, giving us a unique angle on the sunrise behind the lighthouse. It was gratifying to have my students out on the rocks with me, as everyone was able to capture stunning images of the scene- even those who a day or two before would not have ventured out on those rocks!
Doubling Point Lighthouse
Doubling Point Lighthouse. Visited this lighthouse for the first time in the late spring. It’s a quiet little spot on the Kennebec River, just south of Bath. While it lacks the drama of some other lighthouses, it was a fun shoot with lots interest on the banks of the river.
Dory in Bernard Harbor
Dory in Bernard Harbor. I was assisting on a workshop in Acadia and we were photographing what appeared to be a somewhat bland sunset in Bernard Harbor. Suddenly the light turned magical. The lead instructor called to me and pointed out this white dory with bright yellow paddles moored to the dock. He used a tripod to push it out a bit away from the dock, and some of the students took a few shots. When they were done he asked if I wanted to grab a shot. I took a few shots and then we called it a day. The warm afterglow of sunset with the darker water and the dory in front of the fishing shacks and stacks of traps make this a magical image for me.
Young Barred Owl in Acadia
Young Barred Owl in Acadia. While walking the paths at Sieur de Monts in Acadia National Park, I came across three barred owls in the trees near the path. Two were juveniles, while the mother watched them from a distance. I’m not usually one to go searching for wildlife to photograph, but I had added the Tamron 100-400mm lens to my bag for occasions just like this one. That lens earned its place in my bag that day.
Fern Layers
Fern Layers. I’m not one for photographing plants much. But once in a while it can be fun to turn my lens towards flowers and plants. This fern was in Asticou Azalea Gardens, near Acadia. I liked the different layers created by the leaves, and, I liked the play of light and shadow coupled with the shallow depth of field.
Dusk at Schoodic Point
Dusk at Schoodic Point. On the last night of the Acadia workshop I assisted on, we headed to Schoodic Point and were treated to a spectacular sunset. I used a Benro graduated neutral density filter to help balanxe the exposure in the sky with the foreground exposure. This puddle on the rocks reflecting the sky provided the perfect foreground interest. The perfect ending to the workshop.

My Best of… 2015??

Ok… so… maybe I’m not the best at this blog thing. I’ve written here intermittently since about 2009, but haven’t really been consistent with it. The past two years I’ve tried to post more regularly, with varying degrees of success depending on what’s going on in my life.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been going through images from 2018 trying to choose the best for my Best Of post to recap my year photographing. It’s fun for me to go back and look at images I made over the past year, and remember what life was like at those times.

As I was reviewing this year’s images, I realized that I hadn’t done a post reviewing 2015. 2015 was a pivotal year for me in my photography life. My career was totally turned upside down- I had left Canon USA the year before to join Lytro. For the first half of 2015, I criss-crossed the country training camera stores on Lytro’s cutting edge refocusing technology.  While I was excited about this new tech, and their camera, I also still saw a place for traditional stills, so my Nikon (you read that right) was always with me as I traveled. In March 2015, Lytro threw up its hands, deciding that they didn’t have what it took to bring their ground-breaking technology to the photography world at large. I was kept around to help get rid of stock, but my time there was done by July.

So a good portion of this portfolio represents time when I was on the road for Lytro. And the rest is what I did after Lytro gave up and cut all us photo types loose, thinking they could make more headway developing for virtual reality instead. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

2015 became a crossroads of sorts for me. My landscape work took noticeable steps forward. I saw a lot of personal growth, stemming from personal trials and tribulations. But I’m still here, still clicking, still growing. It’s amazing how much things can change in three years.

As always, my work is available for sale at www.rickberk.com.

Without further ado, in no particular order, my best of 2015:

Sunrise Over The East End
Sunrise Over The East End
Cape May Twilight
Cape May Twilight
Lower Kaaterskill Falls II
Lower Kaaterskill Falls II

Golden Sun
Golden Sun
Sunrise, Sandy Hook
Sunrise, Sandy Hook
Oaks In Laurel Hill Park, Mount Pleasant, SC
Oaks In Laurel Hill Park, Mount Pleasant, SC
Sunrise In The Smokies
Sunrise In The Smokies
Autumn Glow
Autumn Glow
Cape May High Tide
Cape May High Tide
Sunset at Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse
Sunset at Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse
Cape Kiwanda Twilight
Cape Kiwanda Twilight
Day's End in Cannon Beach
Day’s End in Cannon Beach
Skyline Arch in the Late Day Sun
Skyline Arch in the Late Day Sun
Winter's Glow at Montauk Point
Winter’s Glow at Montauk Point
Jersey Afterglow
Jersey Afterglow
Mount Hood Reflections
Mount Hood Reflections
Dallas Aglow
Dallas Aglow
Marin Headlands
Marin Headlands
Sunset at Water's Edge
Sunset at Water’s Edge
Sentinel Dawn
Sentinel Dawn
Sunrise on Sentinel Dome
Sunrise on Sentinel Dome
Tunnel View in Black and White
Tunnel View in Black and White
Steel City Glow
Steel City Glow, Pittsburgh, PA
Mount Rainier Meadow
Mount Rainier Meadow
The Magic Bus
The Magic Bus




High Tide at Portland Head Light

High Tide at Dusk
High Tide at Dusk

When I first began traveling to Maine 20 years ago, Portland Head Light was one of those places that was just magical to me. The natural beauty and the aura of the lighthouse perched atop the rocky shore, waves pounding below, make it such a draw for photographers and tourists alike. One of the things I feared when I moved here was that, having this landmark in such close proximity would somehow diminish its meaning to me, and I would begin to take it for granted.

Just over two years after my move, I am happy to report that my fears were unfounded. I still love photographing the lighthouse, and the surrounding landscape, as often as I can. In many ways, having it so close by is too easy, and I must force myself to look elsewhere to capture the Maine landscape, for fear of overdoing it at Portland Head.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work and noticed the sky was setting up for what could be a really beautiful sunset. Big puffy clouds, breaks in between, bright sun, and best of all, high tide with a full moon surf that meant big breaking waves on the rocks. My beautiful fiancée was kind enough to run my camera bag to me at work and once my shift ended, I raced over to Portland Head Lighthouse to capture the sunset.

I arrived 15 minutes before sunset and quickly made my way to the spot I envisioned for my shot. I knew, if the waves were big, I wanted to get a spot where the crashing on the rocks would be prominent. I also knew this one angle would allow me to face back to the west just a bit, to get the color from the setting sun in the shot. I scrambled over the rocks and made my way out to my perch. By this time, I only had a few minutes of light left, so I quickly started making some images. Since I was short on time and light, I concentrated on my first composition and just timing waves, trying to get the perfect wave on the rocks. After a few minutes I had one that I liked, so I changed lenses, and shifted my composition slightly to get something a little different. Where I was, I didn’t have a lot of room to change my angle, so the changes in composition have more to do with zooming than anything else.

As soon as I got my second shot, the park closing warning began, so I packed up and made my way home.

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Receding Cascade at Portland Head
Receding Cascade at Portland Head
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Get free shipping this weekend on all of my work at Fine Art America! Use code BBFTRJ to receive an additional discount. Offer ends at midnight on Sundayn night, November 4th 2018.
Get free shipping this weekend on all of my work at Fine Art America! Use code BBFTRJ to receive an additional discount. Offer ends at midnight on Sundayn night, November 4th 2018.

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Sunrise at Marshall Point
Sunrise at Marshall Point

My Best of 2017

Winter Morning at Cape Neddick
“Winter Morning at Cape Neddick”
Cape Neddick, ME
January 8, 2017
Dawn On Wells Beach
“Dawn On Wells Beach”
Wells Beach, ME
March 2, 2017
Sunrise At Wolfe's Neck Woods
“Sunrise At Wolfe’s Neck Woods”
Freeport, ME
April 18, 2017
Sunrise at Bald Head Cliff
“Sunrise at Bald Head Cliff”
York, ME
May 8, 2017
Spring Morning In Acadia National Park
“Spring Morning In Acadia National Park”
Bar Harbor, ME
May 19, 2017
Sunset At Marshall Point
“Sunset At Marshall Point”
Port Clyde, ME
June 16, 2017
Bailey Island Coastline
“Bailey Island Coastline”
Harpswell, ME
July 2, 2017
Lower Falls On Kancamagus Highway
“Lower Falls On Kancamagus Highway”
North Conway, NH
July 3, 2017
Sunrise Under The Pier
“Sunrise Under The Pier”
Old Orchard Beach, Maine
August 2, 2017
Dusk On Littlejohn Island
“Dusk On Littlejohn Island”
Yarmouth, ME
August 14, 2017
Tumbledown Pond
“Tumbledown Pond”
Franklin County, ME
September 17, 2017
October Sky At West Quoddy Head Light
“October Sky At West Quoddy Head Light”
Lubec, ME
October 6, 2017
Shining Through At Portland Head Light
“Shining Through At Portland Head Light”
Cape Elizabeth, ME
November 27, 2017
December Sunrise In Ogunquit
“December Sunrise In Ogunquit”
Ogunquit, ME
December 3, 2017


Autumn In New England

Autumn in Hallowell

Autumn has always been one of my favorite times of year. The crisp, cool air, coupled with the smells of leaves burning, fireplaces burning logs, and the smells of seasonal baked goods (pumpkin spice, anyone?), as well as the vibrant colors, just make fall a cornucopia of sensory stimuli. Since adopting Maine as my home last year, I’ve made sure to enjoy all that autumn in New Englad has to offer visually, by getting out and exploring just a bit.

Last year, I’d discovered Vaughan Woods, in Hallowell, Maine, after a friend suggested I check it out. I wasn’t disappointed, so of course, I had to go back this year.  The stone bridges and Vaughan Brook with its waterfalls, are quintessential New England. When the color is exploding in the trees, there is no place in New England that is more picturesque.  This year, my return was in the form of a photo walk with several other photographers. The brook was flowing nicely, with small whirlpools forming in certain spots, and good color in the trees.

Vaughan Brook And Arch Bridge
Vaughan Brook And Arch Bridge

There are two stone bridges in Vaughan Woods. When you start down the trail, the first bridge you come to is a smaller one, with a small three foot waterfall flowing just in front of it. A pool had formed with colored leaves in the bottom of the pool. I used a Benro Master Filters circular polarizer to minimize the reflection on the surface of the pool and allow me (and my camera) to see into the water and let those leaves on the bottom come through.

The second bridge, known as Arch Bridge, is much taller, and spans a taller waterfall on Vaughan Brook. I scrambled down the rocks along the brook and found an angle I liked that allowed me to show the rocks, the bridge, the foliage, and the brook.  I again used the polarizer to help deepen the blue of the sky, along with a Benro Filters 4-stop ND filter to slow down my shutter speed and allow the water to blur a bit and get that creamy look.

Autumn Glow In The Woods
Autumn Glow In The Woods

A couple of weeks later, on another photo walk, I ventured down to Newburyport, Massachusetts, to Maudslay State Park. There was still good color on the trees, and while I captured several shots I liked, the two I’m sharing here are my favorites. As we walked along the trail through the park, this scene caught my eye.  There was soft warm sunlight hitting this orange tree, causing it to appear to glow. It was a beautiful scene and I spent several minutes capturing it before the light changed and the tree stopped glowing.

Autumn Sunset Through The Trees
Autumn Sunset Through The Trees

Further along the trail, as the sun was getting lower in the sky, I came upon another tree. This one also showed orange leaves, and with the sun shining through them, they also appeared to glow. The sun slowly moved down and I was able to capture a sun star as the sun shone between two branches. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Another day also ended perfectly, just a few days before. I’d been driving around looking for somewhere to photograph at sunset. I instantly thought of Bowdoin Mill in Topsham, Maine. This mill had intrigued me since the first time I’d seen it so I decided to go and try to find an angle to photograph it from. I found a spot, but the skies were heavily clouded. Soon, the clouds moved and for ten minutes I was blessed with this incredibly soft warm light. The mill glowed as it was reflected in the Androscoggin River, and the clouds picked up a warm tone from the late afternoon sun.

Bowdoin Mill
Bowdoin Mill

It’s scenes like this that make me look forward to autumn every year.

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